Setting up a workshop – what lift to choose?

Setting up a workshop – what lift to choose?

What lift to choose? Choosing a hoist is one of the most common issues among people who are just starting their adventure with mechanics in a company. A considerable difference here can be created by the issue of experience and education in the field of mechanics, although this is only one of several factors that should be taken into account. It is always worth getting acquainted with the full offer of the manufacturer to compare many factors, such as:

  • orientation in the operating costs of the device,
  • getting expert knowledge about the solutions used in the construction of the lift,
  • determining the installation conditions of the lifting device that the manufacturer has provided. Very important, especially at the building design stage. With the need to adapt the existing substrate, it will guarantee its proper preparation,
  • determination of service needs at a given position and their confrontation with the usefulness of the lift,
  • determining whether a given lift unit promises to expand the scope of services in the future or whether it will require modernization or replacement,
  • clarifying the scope of warranty and post-warranty service.

A very helpful issue in the selection of such a machine is very often direct contact with the producer or wholesaler, such questions are usually personalized and will best allow you to verify whether a given lift is created for us.

Among the lifts we distinguish the following types:

Point lifts

The point lift will certainly be the smallest and the minimum device in the workshop. Its small size makes it suitable for virtually any workshop. This variant will work great in tire services, where lifting of the entire vehicle is not required. The kind of point lift used is the discretionary issue. The user will decide whether it should be a pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic or hydraulic unit. As for the construction itself, the user’s preferences will also be the main ones here. For example, others in the case of cars with reduced suspension and others in the service of delivery vehicles. In addition to low purchase costs, these types of lifts do not generate high operating costs. If their service, review is necessary, expenses will certainly not be high. If there is a need to replace them due to a significant degree of wear, the purchase of subsequent ones will not be a significant burden. It is also certain that in the course of use in the workshop, they will allow you to generate profits, with a lower commitment of equipment resources.

Single column lifts

Which lift should I choose? Single column lifts are the most frequently chosen workshop equipment for lifting cars in the workshop and may be one of the best to choose from. Particularly useful may be, among others, in bodyshops and typical tire services. These are usually dedicated constructions that allow you to lift one of the sides of the vehicle. Single-column lifts that allow lifting the entire vehicle, will be used wherever it is essential to maintain the passability of the position, beyond the time of his work. Such a solution may also result from ground restrictions, which do not allow permanent fixing of the selected elevator unit. These elevators simultaneously guarantee high work efficiency compared to the cost of purchase and operation.

Two-column lifts

Hoists based on two columns is the first lift, which is permanently mounted in the ground. They are considered safe and ergonomic for their abilities. Currently, we will be able to purchase a lift adapted to all car versions, including for vehicles with low chassis, SUVs, 4×4, etc. In addition, these units are equipped with many useful accessories. This will include instrumentation specialized in the area of support points, column synchronization, as well as extensions and elevations of the entire structure. They enable lifting the whole vehicle to the set height. Their columns are fixed to the ground permanently. The stand equipped with a two-column lift guarantees high throughput and high flexibility of work. Due to unrestricted access to the vehicle chassis, the operator has the possibility to carry out a series of maintenance activities.

Four-column lifts

Four-column lifts are the largest and non-mobile lifts on the list. At the same time, they will prove to be the best alternative for the channels in the workshop. They are perfect for any workshop work on the car. Recommended rather in specialized workshops, but with appropriate configuration will also allow for complementary tire service. They will be used in rooms with appropriate dimensions. The length of the platforms depends on the vehicle category planned for servicing. If the position is to have a developmental character, the correct action will be to choose a unit with a length of 5 meters and more. This will ensure the entry of vans, which are already characterized by significant axle spacing. The user must also foresee that higher vehicles can be served on the station.

If the object is high enough, it does not have to give up full functionality, ie a full range of lifting. With lower objects, it is obvious that the operation of the jack will be compromised in this respect. Although the presence of 4 columns on the bench limits the freedom of movement, it should not negatively affect the ergonomics of its execution and location. The mere fact of lifting vehicles through a 4-column mechanism, however, ensures great safety and comfort of users. The unit is properly leveled and serviced for security, it will certainly allow for trouble-free use. The equipment of such a device is also extremely wide, we can find, for example, recesses for turntables, expansion plates, a subliminal lift and much more.

Podnośnik nożycowyScissor lifts – subliminal

Sublimators are one of two types of scissor lifts. In variants up to 1 m, commonly referred to as “low lift”, you can plan the service on the tire service. To some extent, the subliminal lift will also allow for standard mechanical work with the car. Variants 2 m, commonly referred to as “high lifting”, will allow for much more. It is only necessary to take into account the limited access within the vehicle’s thresholds. The biggest advantage of this type of hoist is the possibility of mounting in a recess in the floor, which will allow it to be completely hidden. If the lift is not used, other service activities can be practically carried out on the entire stand. It is worth noting that these types of units allow for the free placement of the controller. The user can place it on the selected side, and if necessary, even extend the wires of the electromechanical system. The choice of such a unit certainly corresponds to which jack to choose.

Scissor lifts – overrun

The scissor lift platforms should be regarded as the most specialized units on the list of described lifts. When buying, it is worth considering the price and size of such a lift. These certainly require the user to carefully plan the position. At present, you can find almost only scissor lifts based on a scissor mechanism. They damped the tilting mechanisms used in the last century. For leveling and safety, ratchet mechanisms are generally the same and the jack itself works on the principle of hydraulic actuators. Nowadays, the position of pawls on one of the pair of shears is very popular among the manufacturers of such lifts. The installation does not differ from the requirements for four-column or scissor-scissor units. At this point, it should be mentioned that the scissor version of the inrun after assembly in the recess may meet the criteria set out so-called. measuring benches. Turning to functionality, this type of jacks can be equipped with practically the same equipment used in four-column versions.

Again, the question arises – which jack to choose? – First of all, economical, meeting all the necessary requirements, guaranteeing safety and generating profits.

— Michael N. Adam

Which vulcanization machines should I choose?

Which vulcanization machines should I choose?

Running a vulcanization plant is a very good idea for a business that brings relatively large profits despite enormous competition. It is not surprising that there are ever new outlets where you can count on comprehensive tire service – from replacement to repair, maintenance and purchase of new tires. Which vulcanization machines should I choose so that the workshop can start working at full speed?

Klucz - ikonkaIndispensable minimum

To start customer service in the field of vulcanization, the necessary equipment is a tire changer. This device is designed to pull and apply tires on rims. When choosing such equipment, pay attention to the wheel diameter that can be handled. The second important element of vulcanization plant equipment is the balancer, whose task is to examine and possibly improve the balance of the wheel – and this affects the proper functioning of the chassis and less wear of the tires. Another necessary equipment is a compressor – it is used to pump the wheels after the replacement. It is also obvious that you need a lift (simple one-column or scissor repair) and a screwdriver that will allow you to remove the wheel.

Further equipmentopona - ikonka

In addition to the absolute minimum in the vulcanization plant must be found various accessories, such as wheel weights, screws, glues, valves, nuts – in a word, everything that can be useful when repairing and replacing tires. It is also good to invest and create the opportunity to buy tires or rims on the spot, because many customers decide to use such a service. It should also be remembered that man does not live by tires alone, and competition forces a greater range of activities. It is also worth to put on simple repairs, such as replacing brake pads, shock absorbers or oil. Thus, it will be easier to attract customers and encourage them to positive opinions. In this case, the basic tools and a better lift will be necessary.

— Conture

The basic equipment of the car workshop

The basic equipment of the car workshop

The basic equipment of a car workshop is not only a guarantee of comfortable and effective work, but also a business card in the eyes of customers. That is why it is so important to get the right equipment, whose presence is a sign of professionalism and providing services at the highest level. What elements should not be forgotten when starting your own workshop?

Samochód - ikonkaWorkshop furniture

When buying furniture for the workshop, special attention should be paid to their maximum load and durability, because they should be characterized by high resistance to various damages, resulting from the weight of the equipment and the character of the place. In addition, you can not forget about functional trolleys, which are equipped with all the necessary tools and enable comfortable movement around the workshop.

One-column, two-column or four-column lifts?

In the case of this type of devices, you should invest in the highest quality of products, which is supported not only by the comfort of work, but also the safety of the car and human life. Among the vehicle lifts, the most popular models are column models, the use of which depends on the type and needs of the workshop.

Single column structures will work in small plants, and mobile models offer great maneuverability on the surface. The most popular solution are two-column lifts, using two pairs of arms, adjustable jointed, enabling the release of wheels and suspension of the vehicle. On the other hand, four-column constructions constitute an overrun type, in which the vehicle is positioned on the plates, allowing the width of the device to be adjusted to the track width.

Diagnostic devicesUszkodzony samochód - ikonka

In every professional car workshop should be found diagnostic equipment, the amount of which must be conditioned on the individual needs of the plant.


In the case of workshops where pneumatic equipment is used, the presence of an oil compressor, which is used to drive them, will be crucial.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our company, we will equip every car repair shop!

– Conture

Mobile single column lift – what is the purchase price?

Mobile single column lift – what is the purchase price?Podnośnik samochodowy mobilny - ikona

Mobile single column lift – what is the purchase price? Increasingly, the composition of car workshop equipment includes single-column mobile lifts, which are ideal especially when performing small repairs or seasonal tire changes. In small and confined spaces, they are an excellent alternative to two-column lifts, which take up much more space and do not allow free maneuvering on the workshop surface. What is the cost of buying this type of hoist and what does its price depend on?

Pieniądze na ręku - ikonaMobile single column lifts – what is worth paying attention to during the purchase?

The single-column mobile lifter will find its application in many mechanical workshops, especially body and paint shops. On sale there are models that allow you to lift one of the sides or the whole vehicle, and during their selection, first of all, check the maximum weight of the load. Another very important aspect is the range of adjustable shoulder length, which will translate into adjusting the lift to the car. The unquestionable advantage of a single column mobile lift is that there is no need for installation to the ground, so it is possible to maneuver on a hard surface. However, it is worth choosing only high-quality jacks, which are characterized by high stability and are equipped with appropriate wheels to facilitate movement.

What is the purchase price of a single column mobile lift?

Bearing in mind the various parameters of mobile single-column lifts for the workshop, their price may vary from 1300 to even 10,000 PLN, however, it should be remembered that the higher the cost of purchase often involves more functionality. On the market you can also find many lifts from Chinese manufacturers, which are much cheaper and sometimes have a high reliability of work – unfortunately, a significant problem is the lack of authorized services and poor availability of interchangeable parts.



Scissor lift, mobile or stationary one?

Scissor lift, mobile or stationary one?

Podnośnik samochodowy ikonka, kolorowaScissor lift, mobile or stationary one? The lift is one of the basic devices that is needed for proper car workshop equipment. Different types of lifts work better in different situations. The choice of a particular model also depends on the size of the workshop. Scissor lifts are popular due to the possibility of hiding them in the floor, thanks to which they take up less space. Is it worth to bet on a mobile lift?

Portable equipment for special tasks

Mobile lift, as the name suggests, allows you to use it in various places, depending on your needs. It is therefore ideal for private use, but it will also work well in a professional workshop. Its advantages are: lightness and a relatively low price. However, it does not offer such comfort as a stationary lift. It is also characterized by lower stability.

Ikonka podnośnika czarnaStationary lifts

The second type of scissor lifts is permanently mounted in the workshop floor. The big advantage of this solution is stability and the ability to hide it in the floor. The costs of such equipment are, however, higher due to the greater complexity of the structure. This type of lifts is most often used in workshops with a longer period of time – at the beginning of their journey, many people decide to lower costs and puts on mobile equipment, allowing them to leave the room. As the device stabilizes, it is bought with a long-term perspective.

Both mobile and stationary elevators have their advantages and disadvantages. The first of them will work especially in small workshops and will be good at the initial stages of running a business. However, as time passes, it is worth investing in a stationary version, permanently mounted in the floor.

— Conture

Two-column lift 230V or 400V?

Two-column lift 230V or 400V?

Two-column lift 230V or 400V? Two-column lifts are one of the most popular devices of this type, which are located in car workshops. They are valued because of their universality and relatively low price. Choosing the right model is not at all an easy task – often the question raised is the preferred electrical voltage of the device. Is it better to bet on a 230V or 400V motor?

What is the difference?

The 230V voltage is well known from every home. Actually, all smaller devices work in this system. The problem arises as the power of the equipment increases. Then, a larger 400V power supply often enters the game. This does not mean, however, that increased tension brings better or “stronger” action. There are lifts that have the option of choosing between these two options. The same device, powered in two systems will work the same. Differences occur in the type of wire and connectors, as well as in the work station.

What option to choose?

Most two-column lifts have a power above 2 kW. The choice of the preferred supply depends here on the current protection in the installation. Of course, it is easier and more enjoyable to use single-phase power supply, because this option is more popular, and hence – cheaper. However, when starting your own workshop, it is worth thinking about three-phase installation. Then a better choice will be a 400V power lift, which provides greater security and lower network load.

When choosing a two-column lift, everything depends on the preferences and needs of the mechanic. If the workplace does not have 400V connectors, then the first option remains. If, however, it is possible to use three-phase power, it is worth to bet on a stronger and safer installation.

— Conture

How to start a car workshop?

Ikona ludzie
How to start a car workshop

How to start a car workshop? This question is being asked quite frequently. Our own car repair shop is the dream of many novice mechanics. However, starting your own business is quite an expensive process. And this is just the beginning of the road – when running a business, you need to find a way to attract customers. What requirements should be met when creating your own workshop and how to encourage people to leave their cars

Beginning – starting a business

The first thing you need to do is register your business. At this point, you can take advantage of numerous programs aimed at co-financing young entrepreneurs. If the workshop is to be located in the town up to 20,000 residents, you can use the Rural Development Program. All EU programs, which often involve local communities, also offer great opportunities, and other times reach a wider circle of clients.

You already have a workshop – and what next?
Warsztat samochodowy ikona

The beginnings of running any business activity can be difficult. In the case of car mechanics, the first clients are friends and family. In such a situation, whisper marketing works best – good opinion is the basis of success. If the workshop is said to be superlatives, there is a good chance of success. Another thing is that customers must find out that such a company exists. Nowadays an ideal solution is dynamic activity on the website and in social media. Most potential clients (from larger and smaller towns) are looking for help using internet browsers. Therefore, it is worth noting your presence in this way.

The basis of patience

The approach is very important. The time needed to fully open the workshop is sometimes more than 2 years – you need to learn the patience and methods of small steps. Customers do not come right away, however online activities and positive consumer feedback can significantly speed up the entire process.

— Conture


How to start a car workshop

Above all, it’s worth considering before it goes into implementation. A very good solution is to write a specific business plan, where we consider all factors affecting the potential popularity and profitability of the workshop. The following should be taken into account potential workshop location. In this case, the closer to the city center, the better, as statistics judge. The proximity to the center will significantly encourage the visitor to travel to the other end of the city. The next factor will be marketing. Without it, it can be relatively difficult, especially at the beginning. It is worth consideringing here all advertising materials such as banners, leaflets, billboards, etc. An investment in strictly online marketing may be a good step. As time passes, brand awareness and knowledge are built, so the beginning is, as in many other matters, the most important.

Warsztat ikonka maskaPotential paths of obtaining funds

Nowadays, when setting up a company, we can apply for many subsidies, either from the state or from the European Union. It is worth a try, at the beginning of the company’s operation it is beneficial to find all the possibilities to minimize costs and maximize profits. Another solution may be taking a loan for a company, many banks offer very favorable offers to start a business.

Opinions – that is, the basis of reputation

The most important thing should always be the client’s good. The satisfied customer will often gladly give a positive opinion to the workshop on the internet. Such activities will significantly help the workshop to exist on the Internet, and a prospective client who sees the proverbial “5/5” or “5 stars” will be much more likely to give his vehicle to such a workshop than one that is not on the internet or has low ratings. A good step towards customer satisfaction will be rebates, loyalty cards or even gadgets obtained during the visit.

The most important thing in the entire business and running of the company is prudence and patience. It is worth every action, be it marketing or financial, think carefully and plan, and the rest of the factors will definitely help in the development of the car workshop.

— Michał N. Adam

Subsidy for a car repair shop, what is important?

Subsidy for a car repair shop, what is important?

The decision to start your own business in the Automotive industry is a step that opens up many possibilities but requires relatively many outlays. The equipment of the workshop costs very much a lot, plus finding and paying for a convenient location and any other costs associated with running your own business. No however, you should break your hands. There are programs that allow you to co-financing of such activity from public funds.

Support with the help of the Local Action Group

One way out that can help you get the funds to open and equipping your own car workshop is to use The Rural Development Program for 2014-2020. The condition is however, operating in a village below 20,000 residents. The minimum value of the entire operation is 50,000. PLN, and the maximum the amount that can be obtained – 100,000 zł. The success of such a conclusion depends on meeting different guidelines – young age, employment people on a contract of employment (especially seniors and the disabled), presenting your high qualifications. Local Action Group is an institution that will help in obtaining the necessary information and preparation of the application.

Assistance from the European Union

The second solution may be to use the EU program. one must However, it should be noted that the recent acquisition of such funding is becoming more and more difficult – due to more demanding criteria and limited resources. It is difficult to describe a specific program because it is theirs many and new ones are constantly being created in place of old ones. It’s best to follow information on the website of the Provincial Labor Office. Such projects appear in the first quarter of the calendar year. They often concern typically local communities and require residence in the area. Sometimes, the status of an unemployed person is also required. After a long process You can get the coveted funds with a bit of luck when you are recruiting.

A car lift, German or Chinese?

A car lift, German or Chinese?

Choosing a car lift is a very important decision when arranging your workshop. The mechanics’ work comfort depends on its operation. Often, in addition to basic decisions about the type of equipment needed and the preferred drive, the question arises whether it is worth trying out cheaper Chinese devices, or is it better to choose widely used German lifts?

Chinese hoists are a good alternative?

At the beginning, it should be noted that the matter is not as simple as it may seem. Chinese devices obviously have a basic advantage – they are much cheaper than their European counterparts. It is not that they are suitable only for the decoration of the workshop. Some equipment from you
The measure turns out to be really reliable and presents good quality. However, the big problem is the lack of the possibility of such verification, which takes place in the case of devices manufactured in the EU. Added to this is the difficulty in obtaining spare parts and the lack of authorized services.

Popular choice – German lifts

If the budget allows it, a much better solution will be to choose world-famous German lifts. The proximity of the manufacturer works in favor of the person using the equipment – you can solve any problems at any time. Most well-known brands have their own services, which is why possible repairs are much more convenient. Added to this is the fact that before buying you can easily consult other mechanics, because such equipment is much more popular. The whole problem comes down to choice – saving or certainty. A Chinese lift can work perfectly without straining the mechanic’s pocket, but there is always the risk of a missed purchase. German equipment gives you more reliability and possible fault repairs.

Author: Conture

Two-column lift, hydraulic or screw?

Two-column lift, hydraulic or screw?

Two-column lift, hydraulic or screw? Two-column lift is one of the most frequently used equipment of this type in car workshops. It allows for a relatively large range of applications. One of the most important issues when choosing the right device is the preferred drive. Often the first choice among mechanics are screw elevators, also called electric or electromechanical. However, hydraulic drive gains more and more popularity. Which option is better to choose when arranging your own workshop?
Two-column TW 242 G lift

Screw drive – solid construction

The greatest advantage of this type of lift is the simplicity of the structure. Thanks to the uncomplicated construction, parts are rarely damaged, and even in the event of some problems, it is easy to find spare parts and make repairs yourself. However, screw elevators are relatively loud and expensive to operate – the energy is used to power the device throughout its operation.

Hydraulic drive – reliability and convenience of work

Hydraulic lifts also do not have a very complicated construction. The whole mechanism works thanks to oil-powered pumps. Such equipment is quieter and does not consume energy when leaving the vehicle – it simply uses the weight of the vehicle. It is also more stable and works faster than screw models. Lifts with hydraulic drive are also considered more reliable.
When choosing a lift for your workshop, it is worth consulting the experienced mechanics. Despite their habit of electromechanical drive, many of them emphasize the superiority of hydraulic lifts, which are less emergency and are better suited for various applications.

Author: Conture

Choosing a lift is a real challenge for the workshop. It is worth equipping the workshop with a jack so that you do not run from and to the channel and that the repairs take place in more comfortable conditions. Depending on what is most needed, we can meet the three main types of lifts. I am talking here about a two-column, hydraulic and screw lift. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are worth knowing before we decide to buy.
Versatility, durability or strength

Two-column lifts are very popular, which owe their universality and relatively low price. The whole works on the principle of sliding carts on guides, on which the arms are embedded, which are additionally adjustable in the range of extension length. As a result, vehicles with differently spaced support points can be raised. The price of this solution depends on the type of drive and the possible permissible load capacity. The disadvantage is the lack of access to certain places of the car, e.g. a gearbox. There are also works that we will not be able to do with such lifts (eg wheel geometry).

In this case, we have hydraulic lifts, which are additionally characterized by extremely quiet and fast work and reliability. A big advantage is also a very strong support, thanks to which the lifted car is stable.

However, if we are looking for something that will be able to lift or move large masses, nothing will work better than a screw jack. It operates on the basis of a motor and worm gear. These elevators are also a great choice when you want to pick up speed and the ease of synchronizing drives.
A lift for a small workshop

The task of lifts is to move away from the channel system and to facilitate work. The three types described have their own variations, which may be useful in specific applications. So when looking for a lift for our workshop, it is also good to suggest opinions of other customers, workshops that use a given type of lift.

Author: Grzegorz Pospieszczyk

Two-column lift, hydraulic or screw?

The lift is an important element of the car workshop. Without it, it’s hard to imagine most of the work, so the decision to buy it can not be accidental. It is necessary to think about it, check the offers and choose a device that will fulfill its task over the years.

Before buying – what is important?

The most important thing to think about before you buy a lift is its future destiny. It seems to be a trivial matter, but expectations may be different in each plant. It is important to answer the questions, how much work intensity the lift will have to withstand, what is the range of services proposed by the plant, what premises conditions are available. It is also important to consider which vehicles are most often operated, as work related to passenger cars requires a different lift than works related to several-tonne vehicles.

Two-column lifts are one of the options available in this type of equipment. It is a good option if you need a position for various types of work, without the need to create more for various orders. Among the noteworthy features, the most important thing is the ability to adjust the height of the hoist to the work currently being performed, as well as to increase the employee, which adds to the comfort of work. Thanks to the two pairs of arms, the two-column lift raises the vehicle to the desired height, allowing repair work on the chassis.

Hydraulic jack

Another lift that you can choose is a hydraulic lift. It makes it easier to lift heavy objects when liquid is used, which pushes out one of the parts of the lift causing it to rise. This makes it easier to work on heavy parts that require lifting a part of the vehicle or machine. It can help, but it is less practical compared to a two-column lift.

Screw jack

There are also screw elevators available on the market, which can be used mainly for work with the stage and in the theater. Facilitate the lifting of scenes or rows of seats in the theater by linearly moving the elements and acting like lifting, lowering and pressing devices.

Author: Piotr Michałowski