Replacing the ignition coil

Professional replacement of the ignition coil

The ignition coil is an essential component of the car’s ignition system. The ignition system, by generating a high voltage current spark and passing it to the spark plug, starts the process of burning the fuel, in this case it is gasoline or diesel. The combustion of fuel takes place in the engine cylinder and in a way determines its proper operation.

Proper engine operation therefore depends on proper ignition.

How an ignition coil works and why it is important

The ignition coil is essential for the so-called engine starting. The 12 V current supplied to it, accumulated in the battery, is converted into an instantaneous voltage of up to several thousand V. This processed current must be sufficient to generate a spark in the spark plug, and a malfunctioning coil has a very negative impact on engine start-up and thus on its service life. In many cases, damaged high-voltage cables or a damaged coil result in the engine not using all cylinders.

Replacing the ignition coil – when and where

The ignition coil consists of many copper windings that can tarnish or burn out over time. Then such a coil should be replaced in order to eliminate:

  • incorrect engine start,
  • work unfavorable for the engine not on all cylinders,
  • further damage to cables or candles,
  • possible damage to the entire ignition system.

There is no specific time limit regarding the service life of the ignition coil. It depends on many factors, both regularly replaced candles or even parking the car.

When it comes to replacing the coil, the process itself, although it looks simple, requires certain conditions. Any contact of the coil with water or excessive humidity will negatively affect the new coil. When replacing it, it is also worth replacing other components of the ignition system.

By performing a service such as replacement of an ignition coil in our company, you can be sure that the process will take place in the right conditions and with the use of professional tools.