Professional replacement of brake discs

Professional replacement of brake discs

The car’s braking system is a critical safety system for any motor vehicle. This is how specialists and constructors determine the most important systems in vehicles. Thus, each manufacturer strictly defines the needs of inspection and replacement of braking system components, and individual technical reviews subject to strict assessment the technical condition of that system.

One of the elements of the braking system are the brake discs. As the name suggests, the discs resemble flat discs made of steel that has undergone specialized machining and then mounted on the axles of a vehicle. The discs are replaced when they are very worn, why replace them with us? See for yourself.

How can you tell if your brake disc wear is?

The wear of the brake discs can be seen by several very pronounced symptoms, these are:

  • difficult braking, resulting from less friction between the brake pad lining and the disc,
  • possible “beating” of the wheel when braking, pulling to one side,
  • sharp edge of the disc with a convex shape,
  • shuffling and excessive squeaking when braking.

Theoretically, identifying brake disc wear appears very easy, just as replacing them seems trivial. Is this really the case?

As studies show, in over 60% of cars, the discs are worn too much, while the owners decide to replace them after a periodic review. Unfortunately it is too late. Such a critical system as the braking system is responsible for safety, health and life on the road, and neglecting the efficiency of the braking system can lead to liability of the vehicle owner or driver.

Replace the shield in a professional service

Replacing brake discs is a task that requires:

  • using appropriate tools,
  • choosing the right parts,
  • checking the entire system and quality control.

That is why it is not worth risking and order a disc replacement service at the first car service center. However, it is worth choosing our service, which offers professional replacement of discs and other components of the braking system.