podnośnik dla tirów

Lifts for trucks (lorries)

podnośnik dla tirówCar mechanics is a huge business and a powerful branch of the economy, in which garages, spare parts manufacturers, car services or tool manufacturers generate a lion’s share of Polish GDP. The real rarity, however, is the mechanics of heavy goods vehicles (lorries). Car mechanics can be found almost everywhere, they are in every town. Meanwhile, a good truck mechanic is not only difficult to find, there are simply very few of them. Hence, both the margins and the earnings of mechanical workshops are huge, but there are also considerable costs that must be incurred to equip the workshop.

Professional equipment for trucks

Trucks are a challenge for any mechanical workshop. Servicing a car that weighs 7 tons compared to a car that weighs 1.5 tons is a significant difference both in terms of logistics and mechanics. Hence, the equipment for servicing trucks is significantly different from that for servicing passenger cars. Both the tools themselves and the mechanical equipment are extremely different and much more expensive.

Lifts for lorries (lorries) – a real challenge

The real challenge for trucks is the lifts. In this case, the lift must support a car whose weight exceeds 20 tons more than once. Due to the difficult lifting of the tractor in trucks, access to many mechanical elements is possible after tilting the driver’s cabin. Nevertheless, both the running elements as well as the suspension or chassis require the tractor to be raised to a certain height. Hence, truck lifts are indispensable. Most often these are lifts with a massive structure – columnar. They must be highly efficient. Truck lifts have additional security features:

  • special sensors that protect against even minimal changes in the position of the actuator;
  • reinforced lifting and supporting structure;
  • stabilizers that ensure that the columns are perfectly perpendicular after assembly;
  • securing the actuators against damage, e.g. accidental impact.

Specialist equipment for servicing trucks is expensive, but allows you to compete in a much less dense market with huge demand.

Interests of truck and agricultural machinery lifts

It is known, if we are talking about lifts for passenger cars or trucks, their place is in a professional car repair shop to repair these vehicles. However, for several years, the trend of applicants has been systematically changing with a growing tendency, from owners of vehicle repair workshops to transport companies and to farmers who cultivate their own farm, who also need lifts for minor repairs of their vehicles or agricultural machines. Why is the trend changing? We do not have to look for favorable arguments for a new clientele for a long time, which is expensive time, looking from the perspective of even just a few years of using truck lifts for our own needs.