Engine oil exchange and filter

Engine oil exchange and filter

Engine oil is one of the most important, if not the most important, fluid that is found in virtually all motor vehicles, not only cars. The oil is designed to lubricate critical engine parts that work under enormous loads at very high rotational and feed speeds. Engine oil is designed to “wrap” engine components in order to protect them from damage, in addition, it plays a very important role, which is engine cooling. As a fluid, it is essential for the life and proper operation of the engine and the entire vehicle.

The important role played by the engine oil requires its regular replacement. During use, the oil becomes contaminated, impurities from the air that have not been caught by the filters get into it, its structure and density change, hence the oil change is not so much advisable as necessary and it is worth doing it in accordance with the instruction manual presented by vehicle manufacturer.

Along with changing the oil, it is worth replacing the oil filter

The engine oil should be changed in accordance with the operating instructions. Along with changing the oil itself, it is also worth replacing the oil filter. It is a very simple piece of car equipment, the cost of which usually does not exceed PLN 60, while the filter is responsible for:

  • filtering air pollutants that have been “passed” through the air filter,
  • filtering the impurities of the oil itself, resulting from the discharge of exhaust gases, engine operation,
  • filtering any impurities larger than 1/50 mm.

The oil filter is an element made of special paper that is resistant to oil dissolution. The filter cartridge allows for effective catching of impurities larger than 1/50 mm. The oil filter thus cleans the engine oil itself as it is sucked from the sump directly into the engine compartment.

What is engine oil and how to change oil and filters

Motor oil is a fluid whose density, molecular structure and composition depend on its type. The use of a specific oil is, in a way, recommended by the car manufacturer and depends on the mileage and the type of fuel, because often a slightly different oil is used with “gassed” cars. The engine oil consists of a base, mineral or synthetic oil and numerous additives. Mineral oil is produced directly from crude oil, synthetic, it is produced in the process of hydrocarbon synthesis.

Changing the oil as well as the oil filter is relatively simple, although nowadays manufacturers are trying to make it a bit more difficult. However, in most cars, you can do it yourself by unscrewing the oil drain plug, draining all the old oil, and also unscrewing the oil filter with a special wrench. Then, after lubricating the oil seals with sealing grease, screw in a new filter, tighten the drain plug and gradually add oil, checking its condition on the oil dipstick.

Remember that changing the oil and oil filter is not expensive, and if performed regularly, it significantly extends the life of the engine and the car itself.