Parking platforms

Parking platforms, also called parking platforms or parking lifts, are an ideal tool for people who need to save space. Most often, they are used in car workshops. This type of device allows you to place cars on two levels, directly one above the other. This means, therefore, that the parking platform allows to obtain a correspondingly larger number of parking spaces depending on the type of parking platform, with the same usable floor space. Of course, the application is not limited to workshops only, the application is also widely available in larger garages, for example in a multi-family house, office building or public facility.

Parking platforms allow, among other things:

  • Saving space in the room and increasing parking possibilities,
  • Reducing costs and time of investment implementation, platforms eliminate the need for multi-storey garage construction,
  • Financial savings, as reported by – “20,000 on average PLN can be saved by a family who instead of buying two garage places will buy two places on a platform running like an elevator. “

Parking platforms are divided into dependent and independent. In the first case, the departure of one car is conditioned by unlocking the route through the other car. So this solution can be used by one family or the owner of a workshop, parking lot or neighbors who want to share a parking space. In the case of an independent platform, parking one vehicle does not require leaving the other. However, for the car to leave the parking lot, you need to bring the platform to the appropriate level, which is a bit like riding a freight elevator. However, seats on the independent platform can be sold to owners of two different apartments.

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