Four-column lift

Four-column lift

A four-column lift is a device on which it is definitely not worth saving. It belongs to the elementary equipment of a car workshop, diagnostic center or wheel geometry plant. This is by far the largest of all lifts, so it guarantees not only high comfort of use, but also safety. It works well for both passenger cars and vans, because it often has a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tonnes.

A four-column lift is a response to the needs of workshops that want to gain more space. It lifts the vehicle even to a height of 2 m, in an overrun way, and thanks to this you gain additional space under it. The vast majority of models offer the possibility of adapting the width of the device to the track width of many passenger cars and vans. The specialist has almost unlimited access to the vehicle thanks to the four-column lift.

Four-column lift of a reputable German manufacturer

The Siegstar company offers the highest quality four-column lifts manufactured by renowned companies from Germany. Due to many years of market presence, it carefully selects its suppliers to enable workshops to be equipped with functional and trouble-free equipment.

Safe four-column lift

The highest quality lift must guarantee safety for both the vehicle and all employees who are in its vicinity. That is why models are equipped with systems that affect comfort of use and prevent tragedies. Protections against rolling down of a passenger car or delivery vehicle, against breaking of the rope, as well as mechanical protection of a manually operated blockade means that the four-column lift does not pose the risk of accidents. Twin Busch and ATH-Heinl equipment was created according to ISO 9001 standards and is certified by the Office of Technical Inspection.

It is worth getting acquainted with the following four-column electrohydraulic lifts below, which have already been checked in terms of CE certificates, declarations of conformity, ISO and European Union standards:

  • Double 4-Column Parking Lift TW 436P-D2
  • Four-column lift TW 445 4.5 t
  • Four-column Parking Lift TW 436 P
  • Axle Lift for 4 Column Lift / Scissor Lift
  • Axle Lift for Parking Lift TW 436 P W
  • Four-column lift ATH-Quattro Lift 50HA
  • Four-post lift ATH 4.55
  • Four-column lift ATH 4.55A
  • Scissor Lift Axle ATH AF2000P
  • Axle lift ATH AF2500P2

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