Wheel balancers

Wheel balancers

The wheel balancer is a device that facilitates and automates the work of mechanics in every car workshop. It enables even weight distribution of the wheel relative to its axis of rotation with the help of special weights. They are placed on the perimeter of the rim in places indicated by the balancer itself. Most models are equipped with software indicating the location of these balancing weights using a laser (LPS), as well as on an LCD display.

Wheel balancers for trucks and passenger cars

There are both wheel balancers for passenger cars and trucks up to a weight of about 165 kg. It is also possible to retrofit them to operate motorcycle wheels or rims without holes. The device allows you to work in two basic compensation methods:

  • static balancing – it is possible without setting the wheel in motion; detects the location of the center of mass outside the axis of rotation, but without determining the lack of symmetry along it,
  • dynamic balancing – thanks to it you can align the mass position along the axis.

Professional wheel balancer

The most popular models of wheel balancers are characterized by almost identical measuring accuracy. Currently, they are distinguished mainly by the degree of automation. In the case of semi-automatic, the wheel parameters, such as diameter and width, must be entered manually. Fully independent devices read them themselves, which significantly shortens the entire balancing process. The time from putting the wheel on the shaft to the end of balancing static or dynamic work usually takes a few seconds.

Thanks to the highest quality equipment, it is possible to provide vulcanization services with high precision and on a much larger scale. The automation it guarantees not only speeds up the balancing process, but also reduces the number of mechanic responsibilities. A good balancer is an extremely valuable device. With its help, you can compensate for the effects of poor wheel balance, such as steering wheel vibration while driving or overloading suspension components.

It is worth getting acquainted with the following wheel balancers below, which have already been checked in terms of CE certificates, declaration of conformity, ISO and European Union standards:

  • TW F-95 Wheel Balancer
  • TW F-50T Wheel balancer
  • TW F-23 Wheel balancer
  • TW F-00 Wheel Balancer
  • TW F-150 Wheel balancer
  • ATH W102 Wheel Balancer
  • ATH W62 LCD 2D Car Wheel Balancer
  • ATH W42 LED 3D balancing machine + vulcanization starter kit
  • ATH W42 LED 2D balancer + vulcanization starter kit
  • Wheel balancer ATH 1200
  • ATH W42 LED 2D Car Wheel Balancer
  • Wheel balancer for passenger cars ATH W62 LCD 3D
  • Wheel balancer ATH W82
  • ATH W22 Car Wheel Balancer
  • ATH W42 LED 3D Car Wheel Balancer

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