Thermostat replacement

Thermostat replacement

Professional thermostat replacement

The thermostat in the so-called large engine cooling system plays a key role. It is also a part that wears or becomes damaged relatively often.

The engine cooling system is actually two separate systems – one called large and the other called small. However, a small cooling system turns into a large cooling system as soon as the engine is at the right temperature, the fluid then goes to the radiator, preventing it from overheating.

Thermostat failure – what is the risk

The thermostat is the part that “turns a small cooling system into a large cooling system” and vice versa. Thus, the thermostat is the controller that controls the fluid flow and switches the circuit from high to low and vice versa. A failure of the thermostat in the vehicle causes the entire system to malfunction, which may result in the engine overheating or underheating. A defective thermostat can therefore cause a very serious failure, including failure related to the failure of the entire engine.

Thermostat replacement – only in a professional service

Although it seems trivial, replacing the thermostat is not like that. First of all, it involves opening the entire cooling system, i.e. draining the coolant and its subsequent disposal. Then the damaged thermostat is removed from the housing and a new one is screwed in. The key to the exchange are:

  • drain all the fluid,
  • correct tightening of the thermostat with the gasket,
  • filling the system with fluid,
  • thermostat operation check.

Only a professional service, such as ours, guarantees that the replacement of the thermostat will be effective and will ensure the proper operation of the entire cooling system. The replacement in our service center is primarily a full inspection after the entire process, checking for leaks or leaks and a warranty that we provide for parts and fluid. Thanks to this service, you can be sure of the proper operation of the entire cooling system in the car.