Camshaft replacement in passenger cars

Camshaft replacement in passenger cars

Car timing is nothing more than a mechanism consisting of a timing belt or timing chain, several rollers as well as bearings and rollers. The timing belt is responsible in the car for:

  • coordination of piston and engine valves movement,
  • propelling the crankshaft, i.e. as if it were not propelling the car,
  • fuel mixture and exhaust gas control.

Timing is nothing but the heart of the car, and although it looks inconspicuous, it plays a key role.

Camshaft replacement – every how many kilometers or every how many years?

Mechanics threaten their customers with a car timing failure. Is it really scary? For us, as professionals, this is nothing but one of the key mechanical components of the car. Therefore, by carrying out inspections on our website you can be sure that we control the technical condition of the valve. Despite this check, we recommend that you observe the time intervals for replacing this mechanism. These intervals are varied and depend primarily on the car manufacturer and model. If the manufacturer recommends replacing the timing every 80,000 km or every 5 years, let’s stick to this period. Do not panic and change the timing more often or after driving half the recommended distance. You should stick to the manufacturer’s instructions, which we also recommend as a professional service.

Timing replacement – why to trust us?

Probably the key question you are asking yourself is why is it worth replacing the timing on our website? There are several reasons for this:

  • we are a professional service providing warranty on components and labor,
  • we use only professional tools, both for disassembly and subsequent assembly, which eliminates the risk of damage to other components,
  • spare parts that we use have been checked and tested by us for years, thanks to which we are sure of their quality,
  • every implementation and its completion is subject to strict quality control,
    we complete everything on time – which is important for this type of time-consuming work,
  • we are very flexible in relation to customer needs, and our price is certainly attractive, taking into account the granted warranty and timeliness.

Regular timing replacement every few years is certainly a manifestation of the high awareness of each of you, thanks to which you can enjoy a longer car, which is in good technical condition.