Truck tire changers

Truck tire changers

The truck tire changer is used to replace tires in trucks, vans and tractors, farm machines and buses. This type of device should be the basic equipment of professional truck workshops as well as services providing vulcanization services.

Diversified offer

When choosing a device for assembly or disassembly of larger tires, the most important is the wide range of work and the ability to change tires on large rims. The device presented in the offer distinguishes the maximum wheel weight of 1200 kg. A functional truck lorry with a large range of wheels (from 14 “to even 56”) is a universal equipment that will work in every situation. It will be a practical device in a professional service and truck workshop, in which such a service will be carried out quickly and comprehensively.

Multifunctional and easy to use truck truck tire changer

The easy and quick operation of the vulcanizer is facilitated by the simple operation of this type of equipment. The truck lorry can be operated with a joystick or a precise control system with STOP function. This is semi-automatic or automatic equipment, the functionality of which is influenced, among other things, by the hydraulic arm moved across the slide, which can be rotated and tilted (automatically or manually).

Thanks to the applied systems it is possible to replace the tire with minimal risk of rim damage while maintaining a fast pace of work and machine performance. The safety of the whole process is influenced, among others, by special mounting arms and a precise control system. The self-concentrating 4-jaw clamping system allows a firm grip and stabilization of the rim. Thanks to this, the truck lorry is able to disassemble and install the tire without a lot of work of the vulcanizer. The whole structure is solid and massive, thanks to which the device is efficient and efficient for many years.