Car Tire Changer

Car Tire Changer is one of the essential accessories of a professional car workshop, which saves a lot of time and relieves the car mechanic. A properly used tire changer will serve for many years, and in conjunction with a reliable and professional performance will be suitable for any car workshop and will satisfy any mechanic. The difference in the work with and without the assembly is diametrical, we ensure that the Twin Busch assembly machines will meet all your expectations.

At SiegStar, we have the following tire changers available for you:Truck

  • Tire TW X-80T
  • Truck Tire Changer TW X-00T
  • TW X-36 WDK tire changer
  • TW X-36 tire changer
  • TW X-98 tire changer
  • TW X-31 tire changer
  • TW X-93 tire changer
  • TW X-11 tire changer
  • TW X-610 tire changer
  • ATH M92 tire changer
  • ATH M32 tire changer
  • ATH M72 tire changer
  • Truck Tire Changer ATH 7226
  • ATH M52 tire changer
  • ATH M32 tire changer + vulcanization starter kit
  • Truck Tire Changer ATH 7242

Car Tire Changer

We offer tire changers for passenger cars and lorries that enable quick and easy removal and putting on rims. We have automatic and semi-automatic devices designed for car workshops, vulcanization services, both high and low levels of work intensity. Available devices guarantee handling of almost any range of rims of passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles and agricultural machinery.

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