Scissor lift

Scissor lift

No car repair shop, diagnostic center or plant involved in the regulation of wheel alignment will do without a device that lifts the vehicle under test. They can be adjusted due to the size of the building, individual needs, as well as the budget. Scissor lift is an ideal solution, because it is characterized by an attractive price-performance ratio, has a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tons, as well as many safeguards that guarantee use without risk of accidents.

How does a scissor lift work?

The scissor lift enjoys great popularity in car workshops. It allows lifting the delivery vehicle or passenger to the height allowing unrestricted access to it. Most often, this type of device is used in the case of the need for work, under which access from the chassis side is necessary. How do they work? Scissor lifts usually have two pairs of parallel shears that lift the vehicle using hydraulic cylinders or electric motors. Thanks to this, they can cope even with heavy loads in an extremely fast time.

Installation of a scissor lift

Due to the wide variety of scissor lifts, you can distinguish devices installed in the floor, free-standing or mobile. Depending on the needs of the workshop, you can select them because of the lifting capacity, size or the facilities used. The equipment of the Twin Busch and ATH-Heinl brands is characterized by the highest quality on the market, and its value is confirmed by the CE certificate. It also has a number of safeguards that guarantee comfort of use and no accidents involving them. The most common appearing are:

  • Emergency unblocking,
  • Automatic safety locks and unblocking,
  • Security alarms about the risk to the feet,
  • Pneumatic safety latch system,
  • A platform protecting against rolling of the vehicle,
  • Emergency lowering valve in case of sudden power loss.

It is worth getting acquainted with the following scissor lifts below, which have already been checked in terms of CE certificates, conformity declarations, ISO and European Union standards:

  • TW SA-40-V2
  • TW SA – 42U V2
  • TW SA – 55G
  • TW S3-19
  • TW S3-18U
  • TW S3-10E

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