Car lifts – how to choose the best?

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Car lifts – how to choose the best?

Car lifts – how to choose the best? Car lifts are an indispensable element of every workshop, regardless of its advancement and size. To choose a professional device, pay attention to the size of the room, needs and budget, so as to adjust the lift to the repairs and services performed. The design solution, correctly selected for the workshop or diagnostic center, ensures optimal access to the vehicle.

Types of car lifts

Depending on how much access to the car is needed for its repair and what size of the car will be present in the room, the owners of professional workshops or garages have a choice:

  • single column lifts – they are easy to use, because their dimensions allow you to set them up anywhere;
  • two-column lifts – their advantage is the universal design, they are perfect for car workshops and inspections at vehicle stations – with more advanced repairs;
  • four-column lifts – will be used not only for lifting passenger cars, but also vans;
  • scissor lifts – they are also very popular, they allow unlimited access to a delivery vehicle or passenger car, especially in the case of the need to repair the chassis.

Vehicle lifting devices can also be adapted to service motorcycles and trucks.

Safety and quality of equipment

Car lifts available in the SiegStar offer are dedicated to various types of workshops and garages. Individual models contain the appropriate number of hydraulic cylinders and electric motors. Car jacks used in workshops and outdoors must have the required approvals to ensure the highest level of safety of persons performing repairs. This promotes comfortable and effective use. In addition to repairs – car lifts allow such maintenance work as body painting or chassis maintenance.