Wheel geometry – what is it and what device measures convergence

What is wheel geometry?

It is nothing more than the mutual position of the wheels and individual suspension parts towards each other. It is responsible for what driving characteristics our car will have, how it will stick in corners, overcome obstacles and how it will behave during sudden braking. It depends mainly on the wheel settings in relation to the driving axle and the angles at which individual suspension components are mounted. If the wheel alignment is set correctly, they will be gently directed inwards.

Which device measures convergence?

Renowned mechanical factories use professional equipment for this. Depending on the technology in which they are made, these machines check the wheel parameters using a set of special cameras and a laser system. The measurement is carried out by sending a beam of light and its subsequent reading to the head mounted on the wheel of the car, so you can determine the position of the wheel with the accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter. Unfortunately, these are very expensive and complicated devices, and their prices start from several thousand, and the most expensive ones reach the amount of tens of thousands of zlotys.

What is wrong with wheel alignment?

Incorrectly set geometry causes premature tread wear, which is why unevenly worn tires are one of the first signs of this problem. Another symptom is
automatic deviation of the car from the track. You can check this by releasing the steering wheel on a straight road. If he quickly changes direction, we can be pretty sure that
we have been affected by this problem.

What to do in case of convergence problems?

The best idea would be a visit to a reputable mechanical plant. Our car will be subjected to a wheel alignment test, followed by qualified specialists
will restore them to the correct settings. The cost of such a service is not excessive and is usually about PLN 100 gross. Even if nothing disturbing is happening with our car, according to the experts’ recommendations, we should conduct a convergence test at least once a year, the more so because the condition of Polish roads is conducive to automatic suspension dysregulation.