Wheel geometry – convergence setting

Wheel geometry – convergence setting

Setting the wheel alignment is an activity that should be remembered by every driver regardless of the experience behind the wheel. Ensuring proper wheel alignment is not only increased driving comfort, but also an ergonomic approach to tire tread wear. Regardless of safety issues, of course, wheel alignment is one of the most important factors that determine whether we will reach our destination unscathed.

Why is wheel geometry a cyclical activity?

Alignment of the wheels relative to each other changes as a result of continuous operation of the suspension components, due to entering a larger hole or too fast passing through the release threshold, etc. The reason for the re-implementation of the geometry should also be interference in the steering system in the form of tire replacement. It must be taken into account that after a major accident damage a car may never restore the correct wheel alignment. The reason for this may be even the slightest curvature of the chassis when the car was hit by a wheel.

Phenomena when the wheels are not set correctly

At a time when the geometry is not set correctly, there may be:

  • Failure to keep the right track of the car straight and pulling the steering wheel to one of the sides,
  • Acceleration of tread wear of some or all tires in an unbalanced degree,
  • Reducing the life of suspension components and the steering system,
  • Increasing fuel consumption by additional resistance of uneven tires while driving,
  • Reduction of driving comfort due to the driver’s notorious need to correct the lane.

It is recommended that wheel alignment be done every year or when you feel driving discomfort.

Where can you do the wheel geometry for your car?

Wheel geometry is handled by specialized garages or authorized service centers of specific car brands. There is no physical possibility to set the geometry on your own without special equipment. It is estimated that the average cost of such a test and wheel alignment is in the range of PLN 110-160.

The wheel alignment test / setting will correctly adjust, among others:

  • Coasting angle
  • Wheel angle
  • Tilt angle of the front wheel kingpin
  • Rear wheel tilt angle
  • Rear angle of convergence
  • Differential angle of steering mechanism
  • Vehicle height at the back and front
  • Wheel offset (e.g. in sports cars)
  • Lower and upper ball joint settings (e.g. in pickups)