Truck and agricultural tire changer, how many inches?

Truck and agricultural tire changer, how many inches?

The assembly machine is a basic tool used in vulcanization plants. It allows you to remove and install tires on the rims. There are different models for such devices, and everything depends of course on the specifics of the plant. The most versatile are truck tire changers that allow operation on vans tires as well as tractors and other agricultural equipment. What scope of service should have such equipment?

The best choice for large vehicles

In fact, if a mechanic wants to provide comprehensive service for truck and agricultural tires in his workshop, the choice is relatively simple – most tire changers available on the market support rims with a maximum diameter of 26″, where the wheels reach 56″ or even 63″. Sometimes, however, and this is not enough. If the budget allows (and such devices can be up to twice as expensive as smaller counterparts), it is worth choosing the largest tire changers that handle rims with a diameter of up to 56″. The dimensions of the wheels in this case can reach up to 90″. With such equipment, you can be sure that no situation will come as a surprise.

Are larger devices paying off?

Having a plant that only occasionally handles bulky vehicles, you don’t have to buy expensive assemblers of the largest sizes. However, if such clients occur relatively often, it is necessary to choose the best. The purchase of such a device can be an excellent investment – a larger range of services means, of course, less competition. And it should be noted that the largest assembly machines are also the most versatile. With one product you can handle almost any type of tire.

— Conture