Which vulcanization machines should I choose?

Which vulcanization machines should I choose?

Running a vulcanization plant is a very good idea for a business that brings relatively large profits despite enormous competition. It is not surprising that there are ever new outlets where you can count on comprehensive tire service – from replacement to repair, maintenance and purchase of new tires. Which vulcanization machines should I choose so that the workshop can start working at full speed?

Klucz - ikonkaIndispensable minimum

To start customer service in the field of vulcanization, the necessary equipment is a tire changer. This device is designed to pull and apply tires on rims. When choosing such equipment, pay attention to the wheel diameter that can be handled. The second important element of vulcanization plant equipment is the balancer, whose task is to examine and possibly improve the balance of the wheel – and this affects the proper functioning of the chassis and less wear of the tires. Another necessary equipment is a compressor – it is used to pump the wheels after the replacement. It is also obvious that you need a lift (simple one-column or scissor repair) and a screwdriver that will allow you to remove the wheel.

Further equipmentopona - ikonka

In addition to the absolute minimum in the vulcanization plant must be found various accessories, such as wheel weights, screws, glues, valves, nuts – in a word, everything that can be useful when repairing and replacing tires. It is also good to invest and create the opportunity to buy tires or rims on the spot, because many customers decide to use such a service. It should also be remembered that man does not live by tires alone, and competition forces a greater range of activities. It is also worth to put on simple repairs, such as replacing brake pads, shock absorbers or oil. Thus, it will be easier to attract customers and encourage them to positive opinions. In this case, the basic tools and a better lift will be necessary.

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