Wheel balancer – balancing on an automatic balancer

Wheel balancer – balancing on an automatic balancer

Nowadays, any valuable tire service will have a wheel balancer next to the tire changer. These two devices can be considered the most important in such a workshop. Each device usually has several configurations to be able to let the user choose the best variant for themselves. In the case of balancing machines, semi-automatic and automatic balancing machines are distinguished.

What is the main difference?

It just so happens that buying a semi-automatic or automatic balancing machine will differ only in the comfort of use. Both types of machine will do their job in exactly the same way.

The automatic balancing machine is equipped with special sensors, often laser and electronic measuring arms, which means that the user does not have to manually enter data on the console of the device. It follows that semi-automatic balancers will already require manual data entry into the computer to be able to balance the wheel correctly. This is not a big time difference, but such electronics more often determine exact numbers than people with the help of apparatus. However, it should be noted that even despite the use of automation, sometimes a small correction of the value by the machine operator will be necessary.

Differences further down

It is worth mentioning that there is still a division of balancing machines into those used for proper balancing of wheels from passenger cars or trucks, the difference is important because for larger ones you need more specialized equipment.

There are so many specialized and thoughtful machine configurations here that the user buying a semi-automatic device can in the future independently expand it to the automatic status – buying even the necessary modules. Such modules include even additional measures.