Twin Busch – Car Lifts

Twin Busch – Car Lifts

There are many companies on the current workshop equipment market. However, there are few reliable and above all safe equipment for servicing the car workshop. Twin Busch Germany GmbH is one of the companies that enjoys incredible satisfaction and a full guarantee of security.

Twin Busch is a medium-sized company founded in 1997 with headquarters located in Bensheim (Germany). This company also has many of its branches spread around the world. The jacks manufactured by Twin Busch are known for their excellent price-quality ratio, reliability and guarantee of customer satisfaction.

A renowned brand of car lifts

Car jacks found in workshops and outside provide full access to the vehicle. This translates into convenient repair work. The use of single, double, four-column and scissor lifts streamlines a number of other activities such as: chassis maintenance, wheel replacement, body painting. The functionality of this type of equipment in car workshops is ambiguous, which is why the selection of a suitable device should be preceded by a specific interview. In this way, the lift will meet our expectations and will perfectly adapt to any space. Twin Busch offers all types of car lifts, including single column, two column, four column, scissor and even motorcycle.

All machines manufactured by Twin Busch have thought-out and proven safeguards in such a way that the user can operate the garage without fear. For lifts, the most common protection will be a ratchet system on the columns. As soon as the vehicle is raised, press the lock button, which will lock the platform on the “teeth”. If only the user adheres to all established safety rules contained in the manual and general OHS, then there is a 100% guarantee of its safety. All norms and standards are confirmed by world-renowned TÜV, ASA, ISO, WDK and SEMA certificates.

Not only car lifts

The Twin Busch brand has many other specialized car lifts, workshop machines, such as tire changers, wheel balancers and more other useful accessories. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of this company, which specializes primarily in the production of car lifts.

— Michał N.Adam