The basic equipment of the car workshop

The basic equipment of the car workshop

The basic equipment of a car workshop is not only a guarantee of comfortable and effective work, but also a business card in the eyes of customers. That is why it is so important to get the right equipment, whose presence is a sign of professionalism and providing services at the highest level. What elements should not be forgotten when starting your own workshop?

Samochód - ikonkaWorkshop furniture

When buying furniture for the workshop, special attention should be paid to their maximum load and durability, because they should be characterized by high resistance to various damages, resulting from the weight of the equipment and the character of the place. In addition, you can not forget about functional trolleys, which are equipped with all the necessary tools and enable comfortable movement around the workshop.

One-column, two-column or four-column lifts?

In the case of this type of devices, you should invest in the highest quality of products, which is supported not only by the comfort of work, but also the safety of the car and human life. Among the vehicle lifts, the most popular models are column models, the use of which depends on the type and needs of the workshop.

Single column structures will work in small plants, and mobile models offer great maneuverability on the surface. The most popular solution are two-column lifts, using two pairs of arms, adjustable jointed, enabling the release of wheels and suspension of the vehicle. On the other hand, four-column constructions constitute an overrun type, in which the vehicle is positioned on the plates, allowing the width of the device to be adjusted to the track width.

Diagnostic devicesUszkodzony samochód - ikonka

In every professional car workshop should be found diagnostic equipment, the amount of which must be conditioned on the individual needs of the plant.


In the case of workshops where pneumatic equipment is used, the presence of an oil compressor, which is used to drive them, will be crucial.

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