Subsidy for a car repair shop, what is important?

Subsidy for a car repair shop, what is important?

The decision to start your own business in the Automotive industry is a step that opens up many possibilities but requires relatively many outlays. The equipment of the workshop costs very much a lot, plus finding and paying for a convenient location and any other costs associated with running your own business. No however, you should break your hands. There are programs that allow you to co-financing of such activity from public funds.

Support with the help of the Local Action Group

One way out that can help you get the funds to open and equipping your own car workshop is to use The Rural Development Program for 2014-2020. The condition is however, operating in a village below 20,000 residents. The minimum value of the entire operation is 50,000. PLN, and the maximum the amount that can be obtained – 100,000 zł. The success of such a conclusion depends on meeting different guidelines – young age, employment people on a contract of employment (especially seniors and the disabled), presenting your high qualifications. Local Action Group is an institution that will help in obtaining the necessary information and preparation of the application.

Assistance from the European Union

The second solution may be to use the EU program. one must However, it should be noted that the recent acquisition of such funding is becoming more and more difficult – due to more demanding criteria and limited resources. It is difficult to describe a specific program because it is theirs many and new ones are constantly being created in place of old ones. It’s best to follow information on the website of the Provincial Labor Office. Such projects appear in the first quarter of the calendar year. They often concern typically local communities and require residence in the area. Sometimes, the status of an unemployed person is also required. After a long process You can get the coveted funds with a bit of luck when you are recruiting.