Scissor lift, mobile or stationary one?

Scissor lift, mobile or stationary one?

Podnośnik samochodowy ikonka, kolorowaScissor lift, mobile or stationary one? The lift is one of the basic devices that is needed for proper car workshop equipment. Different types of lifts work better in different situations. The choice of a particular model also depends on the size of the workshop. Scissor lifts are popular due to the possibility of hiding them in the floor, thanks to which they take up less space. Is it worth to bet on a mobile lift?

Portable equipment for special tasks

Mobile lift, as the name suggests, allows you to use it in various places, depending on your needs. It is therefore ideal for private use, but it will also work well in a professional workshop. Its advantages are: lightness and a relatively low price. However, it does not offer such comfort as a stationary lift. It is also characterized by lower stability.

Ikonka podnośnika czarnaStationary lifts

The second type of scissor lifts is permanently mounted in the workshop floor. The big advantage of this solution is stability and the ability to hide it in the floor. The costs of such equipment are, however, higher due to the greater complexity of the structure. This type of lifts is most often used in workshops with a longer period of time – at the beginning of their journey, many people decide to lower costs and puts on mobile equipment, allowing them to leave the room. As the device stabilizes, it is bought with a long-term perspective.

Both mobile and stationary elevators have their advantages and disadvantages. The first of them will work especially in small workshops and will be good at the initial stages of running a business. However, as time passes, it is worth investing in a stationary version, permanently mounted in the floor.

— Conture