Replacement of engine oil and filter in the car

Replacement of engine oil and filter in the car

The right oil ensures the car’s engine works properly, significantly reduces friction of internal structural parts and protects it against corrosion. The oil filter prevents harmful contaminants from entering the engine. Both oil and filter should be changed from time to time.

How often should these components be replaced?

Car manufacturers recommend oil change, of course it is strictly dependent on the properties, oil viscosity such as 15W40, 10W40,0W40, 5W30 … approximately every 10-30 thousand kilometers traveled. In addition, time plays a great role, it is recommended to change the oil once a year, exceeding this deadline can negatively affect the further operation of the vehicle engine. One should also not carry out one operation without the other, i.e. change the oil without changing the filter or replace the filter without changing the oil, except in the case of minimal oil loss its topping up.

Important advice is never to mix oils. Likewise, you should not use diesel oil for a gasoline engine, and vice versa.

Oil change with a filter is a seemingly simple matter, but it should not be underestimated. It is strongly recommended that you allow professionals to replace these accessories.

Do not underestimate the oil-related indicator, it will disappear 90% after adding oil to the tank.

What is the cost of changing the engine oil and filter?

Replacement of the filter and the oil itself is relatively low in relation to other consumables. Replacement of engine oil, only the service costs between 30-50 PLN, and replacement of engine filter from 17 to 20 PLN. After adding the price of engine oil and filter, the price of the service will be around PLN 150-300.

How does the engine oil change?

The oil pan can be emptied in two ways. The first is pouring content through the trigger, gravitational method. Second – oil extraction with a device commonly known as a suction device. When the engine is empty, new oil is added inside. This should be done every time because a clogged cartridge can lead to a drop in oil pressure. This will cause poor lubrication of engine parts and their faster wear and a gradual decrease in power.


Regular oil and filter changes and the use of high-quality products will extend the life of the engine and allow it to work optimally. Relatively low cost can maximize the life and performance of the most important component in every car.