Mobile single column lift – what is the purchase price?

Mobile single column lift – what is the purchase price?Podnośnik samochodowy mobilny - ikona

Mobile single column lift – what is the purchase price? Increasingly, the composition of car workshop equipment includes single-column mobile lifts, which are ideal especially when performing small repairs or seasonal tire changes. In small and confined spaces, they are an excellent alternative to two-column lifts, which take up much more space and do not allow free maneuvering on the workshop surface. What is the cost of buying this type of hoist and what does its price depend on?

Pieniądze na ręku - ikonaMobile single column lifts – what is worth paying attention to during the purchase?

The single-column mobile lifter will find its application in many mechanical workshops, especially body and paint shops. On sale there are models that allow you to lift one of the sides or the whole vehicle, and during their selection, first of all, check the maximum weight of the load. Another very important aspect is the range of adjustable shoulder length, which will translate into adjusting the lift to the car. The unquestionable advantage of a single column mobile lift is that there is no need for installation to the ground, so it is possible to maneuver on a hard surface. However, it is worth choosing only high-quality jacks, which are characterized by high stability and are equipped with appropriate wheels to facilitate movement.

What is the purchase price of a single column mobile lift?

Bearing in mind the various parameters of mobile single-column lifts for the workshop, their price may vary from 1300 to even 10,000 PLN, however, it should be remembered that the higher the cost of purchase often involves more functionality. On the market you can also find many lifts from Chinese manufacturers, which are much cheaper and sometimes have a high reliability of work – unfortunately, a significant problem is the lack of authorized services and poor availability of interchangeable parts.