Car lift – 5 tons. Scissor or Column one?

Car lift – 5 tons. Scissor or Column one?

When creating a car workshop or during expansion, we ask ourselves “Car jack, how many tons of lifting capacity and, above all, what kind.” These options should be separated in an appropriate way, because they are affected by many factors.

Ikonka podnośnika nożycowegoUsable space and, of course, the budget will be the most important factors here. In the case of a small workshop, the scissor lift will do much better, which colloquially says “takes up as much space as nothing.” However, it can be a drawback that scissor lifts are slightly more expensive than column ones. The price is influenced by, among others, comparable performance, compactness sought after by many workshops and a lifting capacity of 5 tons.

If there is more space in the workshop, you can easily think of a lift with at least two columns, with a lifting capacity of five tons. Unfortunately, “single columns” usually close in the range of about 2.5 tons of lifting capacity. Therefore, a two-column lift, which enjoys incredible popularity due to its simplicity of use, may prove to be the best solution. It is worth paying attention to the security aspects, i.e. de facto security.

As everyone knows, work is first and foremost. Nowadays, two-column and scissor lifts offer a number of protections such as latches or emergency systems in the event of a power outage.Ikonka podnośnika dwukolumnowego

There is one more factor to everything – mobility. There are 5 ton scissor lifts that can be moved at their discretion. If the user anticipates that the lift will be needed, for example, in two places, the scissor lift becomes a very suitable choice.

In terms of functionality, here the two-column lift offers greater freedom of action for the mechanic as the car is raised on its feet. In the case of a “scissor”, the entire ground settles on the ramps, hence it is harder to reach some places. Ultimately, however, it can be guaranteed that both lifts will meet their assumptions, regardless of choice.

— Michał N. Adam