Brake fluid replacement

What does the replacement of the brake fluid give and why is it so important?

The condition of the brake fluid directly affects the operation of the brakes, which directly translates into the safety of us and other road users. We often remember to regularly check and replace pads and discs, and at the same time we forget to replace the brake fluid, which ensures their proper operation.

Why does brake fluid lose its properties over time?

Most passenger cars use brake fluid DOT 4, which is hygroscopic. This means that it naturally absorbs water, and this strongly deteriorates its properties. In extreme cases, this can lead to a situation in which the brake “collapses” and the car almost completely loses braking force, so it is worth replacing it regularly. Periodic brake fluid replacement should the above marking be used.

How much does changing the brake fluid cost and how often should it be changed?

It all depends on whether you want to do it yourself or prefer to give the car to the mechanic. In the first case, you should buy the fluid recommended by the car manufacturer (the cheapest ones start from just PLN 17 per liter) and ask someone for help. When starting the exchange, we must lift the car and remove all the wheels. Then unscrew the cap of the expansion tank and drain the old liquid with a syringe. After completing this operation, pour the newly purchased preparation into the container. The next step is to unscrew the vent valve and connect to it a rubber tube with a bottle into which we poured the previously poured liquid. Inserting the tip of the rubber tube into a container with liquid prevents air from entering the entire system. Then unscrew the breather, and a second person at this moment pumps the brake, thereby getting rid of the remnants of old fluid. When the color of the liquid clearly changes color, we turn off the vent. This operation must be carried out for all wheels. It is important that we regularly check the amount of fluid in the expansion tank, as too little of it will lead to air in the system. If we prefer to leave this task to professionals, then we will have to pay an average of PLN 80 to PLN 130 for this service.