Tyre changer TW X-36 WDK – certificate

Product no.: TWX-36WDK

GTIN/EAN: 0741187302678

12,031.71zł net plus 23% VAT

Tyre changer TW X-36 WDK 2 Speed with WDK certificate

A tyre fitting machine with a pneumatically adjustable mounting arm and a built in Air booster. For standard-, low profile, UHP and run flat tyres. The TW X-36 with assistant mounting arms is a tyre fitting machine of a professional level, tested according to the strict and rigorous WDK regulations.

The TW X-36 WDK has many extra features like the assistant arms and the hydraulic holding rollers and also the specially formed tyre holder. The 2 speed turntable (7 and 14 rpm) enables precise fitting and a strong bead breaker with pressure limiter, adjustable bead holder, bead chain. Rim protection and a WDK approved tyre lever. With the TW X-36 WDK is professional tyre fitting without rim damage guarantied.


  • WDK certificate
  • Quality workmanship
  • Produced according to ISO 9001
  • 2 speed turntable (7 and 14 rpm)
  • Adjustable tilting arm
  • Robust construction
  • Tyre and rim damage free mounting according to WDK
  • Pneumatic mounting head locking
  • Strong bead breaking (3000 kg)
  • Self centring 4 clamping system
  • Large clamping range 12″ – 26″
  • Built in Air booster to aid tyre fitting
  • Changeable mounting head rim protectors
  • Strong electric motor for easy tyre fitting
  • High quality steel clamps for long life
  • Quality controls for fine adjustment and stop function

Technical Data:

Outside clamping
12″ – 24″
Inside clamping
14″ – 26″
Ø Wheel diameter (max.)
45″ (1143 mm)
Wheel width (max.)
16″ (406 mm)
Bead breaker force
3000 kg
Air supply
8-10 bar
Power supply
400 V
Motor power
0,75 kW
Noise level
7 and 14 U/min
Noise level
<70 dB
360 kg