Tyre Changer – Automatic TW X-31

Product no.: TWX-31

GTIN/EAN: 0741187302692

6,665.85zł net plus 23% VAT

Tyre Changer – Automatic TW X-31

Tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting column and intergrated air-booster in the clamping jaws system for standard-, low profi le tyre and runflat-tyre. TW -31 without assistant arm (upgraded at any time).


  • Top built quality with CE-certificate
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001
  • Pneumatically operated tilting column
  • Top qualitiy and massive construcion
  • Wheel rim protective mounting
  • Pneumatically lock of mount head
  • Powerful bead breaker (2500 kg)
  • Self centered 4 clamping jaw system
  • 26 ” large turntable for cars and vans
  • Intergrated air-booster in the clamping jaw system
  • Plastic protectors for demount head / jaws plastic gliders to protect rims
  • Powerful E-Motor for supply- and return lines
  • Clamping jaws made of special steel

Technical Data: 

Outside clamping
12“ bis 24“
Inside clamping
14“ bis 26“
Wheel diameter (max.)
45“ (1143 mm)
Wheel width (max.)
16“ (406 mm)
Bead breaker force
2500 kg
Air supply
8-10 bar
Power supply
400V/3 phases
Motor power
 0,75 KW / 400V
Noise level
<70 dB
246 kg