Pneumatic lift Snowman 2T

638.21zł net plus 23% VAT
Pneumatic lift Snowman 2T

The lift is made of the highest quality materials, making it completely reliable and failure-free. Equipped with wheels to facilitate transport within the workshop. The cushion is made of reinforced rubber thanks to which the lift is lighter.

The pneumatic lift is equipped with a high-quality internal telescope that ensures stability during operation. A rubber cushion prevents the car from accidentally slipping off.

The snowman has valves (inlet and outlet) that ensure efficiency in operation even after disconnecting the air supply after inflating. The outlet valve is also a safety valve used for quick lowering of the lift.

Technical data:

  • Maximum lifting capacity 2000 kg     
  • Maximum lifting height 320 mm     
  • The minimum height is 130 mm     
  • Working pressure 8 atm.     
  • The diameter of the cushion (miecha) fi 190 mm     
  • Compressed air valves – 3/8 inch     
  • Wheels – fi 80 mm     
  • Weight 10 kg