ANTI LIFT UP Two-Column Lift

11,136.59zł net plus 23% VAT
ANTI LIFT UP Two-Column Lift

The ANTI LIFT UP two-column lift is intended for professional use. It has automatic unlocking of safety locks. On each outside of the post there is a practical adapter holder that provides space for safe storage for two plug adapters. Thanks to the Profi-Line lift, everything from smart to pickup can be raised!

Brand new!

Anti-Lift-Up button for precise lowering of the elevator without automatic lifting. As well as the practical 230 V socket directly on the control box.

Product specification:

  • Production technology 1A with CE-Certificate     
  • Production according to ISO 9001     
  • Sheets protecting hydraulic hoses and cables     
  • Automatic protection and turn protection     
  • Swivel plate with double thread and turn protection     
  • Emergency release of the hoist in the event of a power failure    
  •  Solid columns with a special profile     
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders for resilient lifting and lowering     
  • Automatic arm lock     
  • Regulation and control of synchronization with a guide rope     
  • High-quality powder structure     
  • Telescopic flat carrier feet for sports cars

Technical data:

  • Capacity 4.200 kg     
  • Lifting height 1900 mm / 2080     
  • Paw Insertion Height 96 mm     
  • Lifting / lowering time approx. 45/30 s     
  • Voltage (electrical) 400 V     
  • Engine power 2.2 kW     
  • Protection (electrical) 16 A     
  • Oil tank 10l     
  • HLP32 oil in the set     
  • Weight 650 kg