2 Post Lifts TW 242 PE B4.3-G GREY-Line

Product no.: TW242PEB4.3-400-G

GTIN/EAN: 0746052557160

11,706.50zł net plus 23% VAT

The TW 242 PE B4.3-G GREY-Line two-column lift has an automatic locking system for safety locks, height adjustment of the lift, and an automatic end switch, which reduces the power if the vehicle reaches the highest level. There is a practical plug-in adapter holder on the outside of each column, which offers space for safely storing two plug-in adapters each. The Profi-Line lifting platform is for daily professional workshop use.

Anti-Lift-Up button, for precise lowering of the lift without first lifting automatically. And a practical 230 V socket directly on the switch box.


  • 1A production technology with CE-Certificate
  • Production according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Anti-lift button
  • Massive columns with a special profile
  • 230V plug socket
  • Sheets protecting hydraulic lines and cables
  • No bottom bar
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders for dynamic lifting and lowering
  • Automatic arm lock
  • Telescopic support arms
  • Adjustment and control of synchronization with a guide rope
  • High-quality powder structure
  • Practical plug-in adapter brackets (one bracket on each side of the column) for two plug-in adapters each
  • New engine cover included (stylish design, dust protection and noise reduction)

Technical Data:

  • Lifting capacity: 4,200 kg
  • Lift height: 4300 mm
  • Lifting height: 1900mm / 2080mm
  • Paw insertion height: 96 mm
  • Lifting/lowering time: approx. 45/30 sec
  • Power supply: (~3) 400V
  • Motor power: 2.2 kW
  • Fuse: 16A
  • Weight: 700 kg


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