2-Post Lift ATH-Comfort Lift 2.50X, capacity 5000 kg

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2-Post Lift ATH-Comfort Lift 2.50X – Electro-hydraulic 2-post lift, capacity 5000 kg


  • High-quality and rugged electro-hydraulic 2-post lift
  • Two control panels for flexible use on both columns
  • “Energy-Set” at main control panel (consisting of 230V plug / 12V plug / compressed air jack)
  • Fast lifting and lowering with high hydraulic power unit
  • Extra-large post extension for high vehicles with cross beam; optimal, barrier-free work due to the upper cross beam with hydraulic hose and synchronization ropes
  • Multifunctional operating range by telescopic lifting arms, optionally asymmetric (short – long) or symmetric (long – long) version
  • Double-telescopic lifting plates (90 - 180 mm) with twist protection
  • Automatically unlocking of lifting arm blocking
  • Powder coated lift in modern anthracite gray
  • Electromagnetic safety locking system
  • Band-cover for protection of cylinders, chains and ropes inclusive
  • Short or long lifting arms also optionally available as an accessory
  • STRONG-LINE concept at 5 t lifts: With optional accessories upgradable on each 5 t lifts

Technical data

Rated load capacity 5000 kg
Lifting height max. 2000 mm
Lifting-/ lowering time ca. 45 / 35 s
Synchronisation system Zugseile
Bottom clearance 90 mm
Short arm extension range 800 – 1000 mm
Long arm extension range 1500 – 1950 mm
Foundation depth w/o floor covering 220 mm
Concrete strength C20/25
Inside width between columns 3300 mm
Drive-through width 3030 mm
Driving power 3,0 kW
Power supply voltage (electrical) 3 / 400V / 50Hz
Fuse protection 3C16 A
Overall width 4050 mm
Overall height 5000 mm
Quantity of oil 14 l
Colour Anthrazitgrau
Weight 1250 kg
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