A car lift, German or Chinese?

A car lift, German or Chinese?

Choosing a car lift is a very important decision when arranging your workshop. The mechanics’ work comfort depends on its operation. Often, in addition to basic decisions about the type of equipment needed and the preferred drive, the question arises whether it is worth trying out cheaper Chinese devices, or is it better to choose widely used German lifts?

Chinese hoists are a good alternative?

At the beginning, it should be noted that the matter is not as simple as it may seem. Chinese devices obviously have a basic advantage – they are much cheaper than their European counterparts. It is not that they are suitable only for the decoration of the workshop. Some equipment from you
The measure turns out to be really reliable and presents good quality. However, the big problem is the lack of the possibility of such verification, which takes place in the case of devices manufactured in the EU. Added to this is the difficulty in obtaining spare parts and the lack of authorized services.

Popular choice – German lifts

If the budget allows it, a much better solution will be to choose world-famous German lifts. The proximity of the manufacturer works in favor of the person using the equipment – you can solve any problems at any time. Most well-known brands have their own services, which is why possible repairs are much more convenient. Added to this is the fact that before buying you can easily consult other mechanics, because such equipment is much more popular. The whole problem comes down to choice – saving or certainty. A Chinese lift can work perfectly without straining the mechanic’s pocket, but there is always the risk of a missed purchase. German equipment gives you more reliability and possible fault repairs.

Author: Conture