Wheelset ATH M52

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Wheelset ATH M52

We recommend the best-in-class tire changer from the German company ATH Heinl, of which we are a distributor in Poland. The assembly plant is suitable for assembly and disassembly of passenger car and delivery tires. The new construction of the brace is torsion resistant. It is hard to imagine a more functional solution. The column with the mounting arm is pivoted pneumatically. Do you want to know more details? Read the following characteristics and technical data.

Product specification:

  • A tire changer with a pneumatic arm
  • A new torsion resistant design made with the highest laser cutting technology
  • Durable hammer and powder coating
  • External clamping range up to 22 “, additionally adjustable up to -2”
  • Pneumatic locking of the assembly head with automatic adjustment of the horizontal and vertical distance from the rim
  • Self-centering clamping system with two aluminum actuators with double action
  • Double-acting aluminum actuator and side bouncer with anti-blocking system
  • Retractable front block with pedals and valves and an ergonomic way to control them
  • CE certificate

Technical data:

  • Mounting range – inside 14 – 26 “
  • Mounting range – outside 12 – 22 “
  • The width of the rims 4 – 13 “
  • Wheel diameter max. 1050mm
  • The scope of work of the fender 85 – 330 mm
  • The pressure of the fender is 2800 kg
  • Mounting speeds 6 U / min
  • Working pressure 10 atmospheres
  • Drive power 0.75 kW
  • Supply voltage (electrical) (3 ~) 400/50 V / Hz
  • The dimensions of the device are 1550 x1740 x 2170 mm
  • Sound level 70 dB (A)
  • Weight 240 kg