Wheel lifts for ATH RRH1107 balancing machines

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Wheel lifts for ATH RRH1107 balancing machines

Product description:

  • The pneumatic wheel lift enables the positioning of the wheels on the balancer shaft in a simple and comfortable way for the back
  • It provides ergonomic work with large and heavy wheels
  • Ensures trouble-free assembly, especially important for high value wheels
  • Prevents the wheel from being stacked with full force and weight at the end of the shaft, thus preventing unnecessary calibration and damage to the shaft
  • Easy control by means of a button, placed together with a stable handle directly on the lift, allowing full control and protection against falling of the wheel
  • Safety loop in a special C-shape for uninterrupted operation and efficient wheel alignment
  • Faster execution of necessary work, thanks to two additional supports for cones or a quick-clamping screw
  • The pneumatic air below allows precise wheel alignment by lightly pressing the wheel
  • Suitable for various types of popular balancing machines