Wheel balancer ATH W82 Touch 3D

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Wheel balancer ATH W82 Touch 3D for passenger cars


  • Wheel balancer for passenger cars
  • High resistant powder coating with hammer painting design
  • Use directly with the 17 inch touchscreen display or the front panel
  • 3D-function with automatic measuring of the distance, wheel diameter and wheel width
  • Laser and LED positioning of weights and on-screen display (LPS)
  • Program choice: static, dynamic, aluminum programs, aluminum weight optimizing incl. split-program
  • Wheel protecting with automatic start-stop function
  • Inner wheel target light
  • Ergonomically arranged front panel and big counter weights holder
  • Centering cones between 44 and 133 mm diameters
  • Quick-hold function with pneumatically rim clamping and 40 mm balancing shaft diameter
  • Auto stopp: Automatic, pneumatic wheel brake at position of imbalance

Technical data

max. diameter of centre bore diameter 45 – 130 mm
Measuring speed 180 rpm
Measuring time 7 s
Tolerance of measure +/- 1,0 g
Display (LED, LCD, TFT) Touchscreen
Rim width max. 1,5 – 20 “
Rim diameter max. 12 – 24 “
Wheel diameter max. 900 mm
Wheel weight max. 65 kg
Power supply 230/50 V/Hz
Motor power 0,25 kW
Weight 190 kg
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 1300 x 1700 x 1150 mm
Power supply voltage (electrical) 230 V AC / 50 Hz