Wheel balancer ATH W82 Touch 3D

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Wheel balancer ATH W82 Touch 3D

We recommend the latest model of the wheel balancer of the fully automatic German company ATH-Heinl; with a touch screen; automatic measurement of distance from balancing machine, rim diameter and rim width (3D function)

Product specification:

  • Highest quality: Resistant to deformation, high precision due to laser cutting and automated welding
  • Automatic measurement: Automatic distance measurement from the balancing machine, rim diameter and wheel rim width (3D function)
  • Comfort of work: Control via a touch screen or ergonomically placed front panel, large shelves for weights
  • Graphical presentation of the results: Position indicator on the touch screen and laser (LPS)
  • Precision balancing: Accurate work controlled by the microprocessor
  • Large selection of programs: Static / dynamic, ALU, weight optimization in ALU mode and latent weight program
  • Comfortable work: Pneumatic rim clamp with a 40 mm nut (“ATH-Quick-hold”), easy attachment of weights thanks to the automatic wheel brake in the position (“ATH-Easy-hold”) and gripper and integrated lighting inside the wheel
  • Modern design: Very durable hammer and powder painting
  • Maximum safety: Wheel guard with automatic start / stop function
  • Scope of delivery: Centering cones with a diameter between 45-130 mm, rim width gauge, quick-mounting nut, calibration weight (100g), pliers with a hammer, quick-mounting nuts
  • Ideal for passenger cars, with additional accessories also for motorcycles and delivery vans

Technical data:

  • Max. Diameter of the central hole 45 – 130 mm
  • Measurement speed 180 U / min
  • Measurement time 7 s
  • Measurement tolerance +/- 1.0 g
  • Display (LED, LCD, TFT) LCD Touchscreen
  • Rim width max. 1.5 – 20 ”
  • Diameter of rim max. 12 – 24 ”
  • Wheel diameter max. 900 mm
  • Max. wheel weight 65 kg
  • 230/50 V / Hz power supply
  • Engine power 0.25 kW
  • Weight 190 kg
  • Dimensions of the device 850 x 850 x 1280 mm
  • Power supply (electrical) 230 V AC / 50 Hz