TW 445 – 4 Post Lift – capacity 4500 kg

Product no.: TW445-400

GTIN/EAN: 0741187302494

19,511.38zł net plus 23% VAT

TW 445 – 4 Post Lift – capacity 4500 kg

Product description

Electro-hydraulic four-post lift. Optional you can get a hydraulic axle central jack and turntables.. The four-post lift can lift everything from passenger cars to transporters.

Optionally, it can be equipped with an axle lift, turntables and ramps. For TW445-V rail extensions, the length is 5186 mm, thus the maximum wheelbase is 4855 mm, the maximum wheelbase for the wheel geometry is 4480 mm. When using the TW445-V and TW445-H, the length is 5176 mm and the maximum wheelbase is 5385 mm. The exact wheelbase depends on the tire size.


  • Top built quality with CE-certificate
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001
  • Lifting capacity 4500 kg
  • CE-certificate
  • IP 54 control box with 24V control unit
  • 24V limit switch
  • Hydraulic overfl ow valve
  • Vehicle rollback protection
  • Settle beam for entire lifting height
  • Slack rope and cable break device
  • Rear sliding plates
  • Foot protection
  • Acoustic warning signal
  • Maximum wheel base for the alignment: 3700 mm
  • Maximum wheel base for the lift: 4100 mm
  • Maximum wheelbase for wheel alignment when using TW445-V extensions: 4,480mm
  • Maximum axle distance for lifting when using the TW445-V extensions: 4,855 mm
  • Maximum axle distance for lifting when using extensions TW445-V and TW445-H: 5385 mm

Technical Data: 

Lifting capacity
4500 kg
Max lifting height
1850 mm
Runway length
4510 mm
Runway width
536 mm
Min heigt
126 mm
Lifting/lowering time
50 sek.
Power supply
400V/3 Phasen
Motor power
2,2 kW
Fuse protection
16 A
1400 kg
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