Scissors Lift – in-ground mounted – 3.0 t TW S3 – 18 U

Product no.: TWS3-18U

GTIN/EAN: 0741187302449

13,576.42zł net plus 23% VAT

Products description

The scissors lift is optimal for in-ground installation.

The passage area allows lifting of ultraflat built sport-cars. Extensible platforms for safely lifting of long vehicles.


Top built quality with CE-certificate
Manufactured according to ISO 9001
CE-Stop and signal sound during the final lowering phase
IR SYSTEM synchronization monitoring by light barrier
Hydraulic cylinders for strong lifting and lowering
Top qualitiy and massive construcion
Signal sound (foot protection)
Automatic safety-lock and unlock
Extensible platforms
Emergency lowering
Compressed air of 4-8 bar is required

Technical Data

  • Lifting capacity 3000 kg
  • Max lifting height 1800 mm + Rubber
  • Low lifting point in floor (0 mm)
  • Lifting/lowering time 45/45 sec.
  • Power supply 400V / 3 Phase
  • Motor power 2,2 kW
  • Fusing 16 A
  • Weight (approx.) 860 kg
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