Pneumatic lift Snowman 3,5T

727.64zł net plus 23% VAT
Pneumatic lift Snowman 3,5T

The lift is made of the highest quality materials, making it completely reliable and failure-free. A two-level cushion made of reinforced rubber was used for the production of the snowman.

A durable and stiff telescopic collar inside the lift improves its stability and prevents dangerous tilts. The rubber disc at the top of the jack secures the lifting element and prevents it from sliding off during operation. Two valves, inlet and outlet, ensure tightness of the system, even when the hose with compressed air is disconnected.

The safety valve prevents excess pressure in the system, protecting the cushion from damage.

Technical data:

  • The maximum lifting capacity is 3500 kg     
  • Maximum lifting height 390 mm     
  • The minimum height is 150 mm     
  • Working pressure 6 bar     
  • Diameter of the cushion (miecha) fi 340 mm