Parking lift 3-level TW 445P-H3-G GREY – Line

Product no.: TW445P-H3-G

GTIN/EAN: 0746052557047

39,511.38zł net plus 23% VAT

The 3-level parking lift TW 445P-H3 – G Gray – Line is a 3-in-1 novelty, three cars parked one above the other in just one parking space! The TW445P-H3 triple parking lift transforms a conventional parking space into 3 parking spaces one above the other. A simple and compact solution wherever more parking spaces are to be created in a limited space. The TW445P-H3 parking system has two platforms for dependent parking. First, the upper level is parked, then the lower level, and then the third car is parked on the floor surface. This is one system for three vehicles.

Due to the 4-column design, relatively little floor space is required, yet only adequate floor space is required for the compact overall system, making it ideal for tight spaces. The control unit located at the front, equipped with a key switch, ensures convenient raising and lowering of the parking platforms. Thanks to the high ground clearance of 1,850 mm in parking space No. 1 on the ground, the first parking space is also available for large SUVs. Vehicles with a total weight of up to 2,500 kg and a height of up to 1,650 mm can enter the second floor, vehicles with a total weight of up to 2,000 kg are allowed on the 3rd floor, the height of the vehicle depends on the ceiling height.

Thanks to the unique design of 2 platforms that are integrated with each other, the triple 3-fold parking jack has the lowest driveway height compared to the 3-fold parking jack on the market, making it also ideal for low vehicles such as sports cars or vehicles racing. Thanks to this, it is possible to drive the vehicle onto the lift without using the engine, because the approach angle is very small and the vehicle can be pushed onto it without any problems.

Optionally available: Insert plates made of galvanized steel sheet, which are used to collect dirt and oil, thus providing comprehensive protection for the vehicle underneath.

Equipment and characteristics:

  • High quality 1A workmanship with CE-Certificate
  • Production according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Massive construction
  • Hydraulic overload valve
  • The hydraulic cylinder located under the ramp ensures strong lifting and lowering
  • Mechanical lock protection
  • Automatic unlocking of safety latches
  • Protection against loosening and breaking the rope
  • Maximum ramp width for upper vehicle: parking space 2: 2,100 mm / parking space 3: 2,230 mm
  • Maximum passage width for a vehicle parked on the ground: 2500 mm
  • Maximum wheelbase of a vehicle standing on the lifting platform: parking spaces 2 and 3: 2230 mm
  • Internal dimensions of the columns: 2500 mm
  • Maximum ground clearance without safety distance: 1850 mm


  • Load capacity level 1: no limit, level 2: 2500 kg, level 3: 2000 kg
  • Lifting height for parking space 2: 2030 mm / for parking space 3: 3720 mm
  • The length of the ramp rails including the driveway is 5060mm
  • Width level 2: 2120 mm / level 3: 2220 mm
  • Raise time level 2: 30 sec. / level 3: 55 sec.*
  • Lowering time from level 3 to the floor: 35 sec. /from parking space 2 to the ground: 17 sec.*
  • Electric voltage 400 V
  • Engine power 3,0 kW
  • 16 A electrical protection
  • Weight 1700 kg
  • *Depending on vehicle weight and lift settings