Mobile Scissor Lift ATH-Flex Lift 30Z

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Mobile Scissor Lift ATH-Flex Lift 30Z

ATH-Flex Lift 30Z mobile scissor lift, powder coated with mechanical synchronization using the lower transverse link between the shears, 3000 kg load capacity

Product specification:

  • Ideal for painting, tinsmithing, brakes and tire handling – versatile, not requiring much space
  • Robust, less sensitive hydraulic drive, virtually maintenance-free
  • Mobile, with a high quality conversion set
  • Can be placed on any flat, hard surface, no assembly required
  • Even lifting and lowering of the shears is ensured by a double hydraulic cylinder system; mechanical synchronization through a cross connection
  • Lifting from the bottom with full force
  • Very low minimum height of about 112 mm, expandable platforms from both increase the usable area
  • Flood protection: Without electrical limit switches, hydraulic hoses with cover
  • Mobile with 230V power supply, lifting and lowering with a button
  • Double hydraulic lowering lock (without the use of safety latches or compressed air), emergency lowering system in the event of a power failure
  • Modern design: Hot-dip galvanized (ATH-Flex Lift 30Z: 680008-FZ) or powder coated in attractive anthracite color (ATH-Flex Lift 30: 680008)
  • High precision due to laser cutting and automated welding

Technical data:

  • Capacity 3000 kg
  • Lifting height 100 – 960 mm
  • Raising / lowering time 21s / 21s
  • Maximum distance between contact points 1450 – 2030 mm
  • Range of shoulder widths 530 mm
  • Approach height 100 mm
  • Mobile
  • 1.5 kW drive power
  • Power supply (electric) 230V / 50Hz
  • C16A protection
  • Oil tank capacity 10l
  • Weight 590 kg
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