Mobile Column Lifting (TIR) ATH RG7.5-6 capacity 45t

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Mobile Column Lifting (TIR) ATH RG7.5-6 capacity 45t

Mobile column hoist ATH RG7.5-6 for trucks – 6 columns, lifting capacity per column 5500 kg

Product specification:

  • Columnar, durable, easy to use with minimal maintenance
  • Mechanism of lifting: hanging bearing propeller with trapezoidal thread and self-locking bronze nut
  • Drive: motor with gear and thermal protection
  • Mobile lifting columns in a square housing
  • Single or team control
  • Fast and secure adjustment of the columns by means of manual hydraulics
  • Safety nut if the primary nut fails

Technical data:

  • Total lift 45t
  • Load on a 7500 kg column
  • Max. lifting height 1760 mm
  • Lifting time (loaded) 180s
  • Lowering time (loaded) 180s
  • Power of 3.0 kW
  • Power supply 3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Security 3C63 A
  • Weight 4770 kg
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