Mobile Column Lifting Device (TIR) ATH RG5.5-4 capacity 22t

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Mobile Column Lifting Device (TIR) ATH RG5.5-4 capacity 22t

Mobile 4-Column Lifting ATH RG5.5-4 for trucks, lifting capacity per column 5500 kg

Product specification:

  • Robust hydraulic drive
  • 4 mobile columns can be set freely thanks to long connection cables
  • It can be easily extended to a 6-column system
  • Manual hydraulic lift – the columns can be easily and safely moved
  • Control on each column, raising and lowering with the button
  • The control of individual columns can be set to: individually, each of the columns, in pairs or jointly raising everyone in the set
  • Lifting mechanism with low screw wear, trapezoidal threaded shaft, self-locking bronze nut and motor with maintenance-free gear
  • Work safety: The safety nut if the primary nut fails
  • High quality and performance: laser cut, powder coated
  • Ideal for trucks and vans

Technical data:

  • Total load 22t
  • Capacity per 5500 kg column
  • Max. lifting height 1760 mm
  • Lifting time (loaded) 180s
  • Lowering time (loaded) 180s
  • Drive power 3.0 kW
  • 3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz power supply
  • 3C32 A protection
  • Weight 2790 kg
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