Mid-Rise Lift ATH-Flex Lift 30, capacity 3000 kg

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Mid-Rise Lift ATH-Flex Lift 30 – Mobile, power coated mid-rise lift with mechanical synchronization by crossbeam connections on the ground, capacity 3000 kg


  • Highest quality: High-precision manufacturing by laser cutting and robotic welding
  • Long-lasting technology: Robust and less sensitive hydraulic drive, almost maintenance-free
  • Flexible use: Mobile lift with high-quality moving kit
  • Easy Handling: Can be positioned on every flat and solid ground without installation works
  • Precise lifting and lowering: The double hydraulic cylinder system ensures an even lifting and lowering of the scissors, mechanical synchronization by crossbeam connections
  • Powerful lifting: High lifting power in the beginning
  • Easy drive-on: Low drive over height of only ca. 112 mm, platform extension by fixable ramps on both sides
  • Splash water protection: No electrical limit switches installed, protective hose on the hydraulic hoses
  • Simple working: Mobile 230 V control unit, lifting and lowering with push button control
  • Maximum security: Hydraulic locking system for lowering (neither safety locking-system nor compressed air necessary), emergency lowering system for lowering in case of power failure
  • Modern design: Hot galvanized (ATH-Flex Lift 30Z: 680008-FZ) or powder coated lift in attractive anthracite gray (ATH-Flex Lift 30: 680008) available
  • Perfect lift for painting jobs and bodywork, brakes and tire service – flexible and space saving

Technical data

Rated load capacity 3000 kg
Lifting height 100 – 960 mm
Lifting time loaded 21 s
Lowering time loaded 21 s
Lifting length 1450 – 2030 mm
Lifting width 530 mm
Drive-on height 100 mm
Mobile ja
Driving power 1,5 kW
Power supply voltage (electrical) 230V / 50Hz
Fuse protection C16 A
Quantity of oil 10 l
Weight 590 kg


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