Hydraulic-pneumatic lift SG TIR-50t

Product no.: SG TIR50

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Hydraulic-pneumatic lift SG TIR-50t

If you are looking for a mobile, which does not require a large usable area of a hydraulic and pneumatic car lift – you’ve come to the right place. We recommend the product of our company – SG TIR-50t.

Hydraulic-pneumatic lift SG TIR-50t

Our jack is ideally suited for lifting trucks, buses and agricultural machinery. It is an ideal product for professional car workshops, which depends on the price of cheap equipment while maintaining the highest quality.

Equipment and characteristics of the hydraulic pneumatic lift SG TIR-50t

Hydraulic-pneumatic lift with three-stage actuator and two additional modules, increasing the maximum lifting height. Three-stage actuator:

  1. 10T lifting capacity
  2. 25T
  3. 50T

Technical data:

  • Maximum lifting capacity – 50T / 25T / 10T
  • Working pressure: 0.5 – 0.8Mpa
  • Length 790mm
  • Minimum height 188mm
  • The height of raising:


  1. 50T – 73mm;
  2. 25T – 143mm;
  3. 10T – 228mm;


  • 2 overlays with dimensions of 75mm, 45mm
  • Weight 75 kg