Headlamp tester – TW SWE-D

Product no.: TWSWE-D

GTIN/EAN: 0802022268723

14,939.84zł net plus 23% VAT

Our TW SWE-D corresponds to the newest guidelines for the testing and adjusting of automotive head lamps.
The SLS Self-Leveling-System is able to compensant an uneven floor vertically and horizonzaly up to the legal max within 1-2 seconds.
The unit consists of a CMOS-camara, 10 inch tablet as well as a laser visor, laser pointer and a digital luxmeter.The unit also includes a turnable guide rod with a foot pedal and an article inspection from the TüV (Inspection Number TP). Optional is an ASA interface.

It has never been simpler of more cost effective to have a head lamp testing area acording to the newest guidelines.

  • The Self Leveling System (SLS) is able to compensant an uneven floor vertically and horizonzaly within 1-2 seconds
  • All SLS units have a legal max of 3% and our TW SWE-D has a balancing performance up to 10%
  • Officially approved from the TÜV
  • CMOS camera for fast image processing
  • Integrated 10 inch tablet
  • Beside German language various other languages to choose from
  • Easy operation with autom. Program management
  • Data storage
  • Data transfer to printer or PC via Bluetooth, Wifi or USB
  • For all vehicle categories such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers
  • Laser pointer for exact determination of the headlight center
  • Horizontal and verticle scales
  • Suitable for all lamps such as filament, halogen, xenon, LED and laser
  • Single-handed adjustable light box with autom. Locking
  • Rod with measuring scale for precise height positioning
  • Rod with foot pedal (rotatable)
  • Integrated luxmeter for measuring light intensity
  • Optional ASA inferface
  • 2 height adjustable axes
  • Integrated spirit level
  • Supplied with protective cover against dust and dirt