ATH RUF0186 unfastened wheel adapter

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ATH RUF0186 unfastened wheel adapter

Product description:

  • For balancing of rims without center hole or rims with decentralized opening
  • The future adapter due to the increase in the number of rims with a decentralized center hole
  • Smooth adjustment of the mount allows for adapting to different rims with 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 or three holes
  • Highest degree of accuracy thanks to milled and ground components
  • Among other things, in the scope of delivery: openings, and wheel nuts with a conical and ball adapter
  • It works perfectly with ATH W82, ATH W62, ATH W42 and W22 balancers

Technical data:

  • Accuracy of balancing <5g
  • Weight 5.3 kg