ATF Exchanger ATH ATF602

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ATF Exchanger ATH ATF602 – Fully automatic machine for flushing and oil change of DSG and automatic gearbox


  • Fully automatic machine for fl ushing and oil change of DSG & automatic transmissions
  • Automatic detection and change of fl ow direction
  • Easy connection to the vehicles‘ transmission with universal and vehicle specific adapter
  • Exact measuring of oil quantity by integrated tank load cells
  • 2 x 25 l exchangeable new and used oil tanks
  • Oil temperature display
  • Level monitoring of new and used oil tanks
  • Internal oil pump for fi lling
  • Self-explanatory menu navigation
  • TFT- / LCD-color display
  • Integrated thermal printer

Technical data:

  • Meeasuring range load cells: 40 kg
  • Exchange accuracy: ±100 ml
  • Detergent bottle capacity: 500 ml

Technical data

Hose length 3 m
Emptying hose length 1 m
Working pressure 1 – 10 bar
Driving power 200 W
Power supply voltage (electrical) AC230V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 635 x 585 x 1075 mm